Digital Leader Logo 2018-19

Date: 17th Oct 2018 @ 12:50pm

Hello and welcome to the Digital Leader's blog!

The Digital Leaders met for their second time this lunchtime. We have brought along our designs for this year's Digital Leader logo 2018-19.

Attached below are all of the designs.

Which do you like best and why?


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nicole wrote:

they are all great but it comes to one logo .....i mostly like the 2 last one i wander who the winning one is .xxx

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Lewis wrote:

I like number 4 because it is colourful.

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Grace wrote:

I loved all the designs but when it comes to would have to be the 4 one at the top where the pictures are its simple just like it was meant to be and amazing really

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Lily wrote:

I voted for number 4 because i thought it was simple but eye catching.

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gloricea wrote:

i like number 1 because it is beautiful and pretty and just wow it was cute

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Brooke wrote:

i voted 1 because it was very creative

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sophie wrote:

I like 1

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David wrote:

6 because it is a circt

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Lucy wrote:

I like 1

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