Fossil videos from our Science lesson

Date: 21st Nov 2017 @ 4:23pm

Afternoon Class 10,

Here are the videos that we watched this afternoon on Fossils:

Mary Anning - Fossils Video (Mary Anning)

Fossil Information - Information on Fossils

What did you learn from them? What was your favourite part and what else would you like to learn?

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Martha wrote:

Oh cool! I like Mary Anning and her massive fossil
And how diamonds are crystalized :) :):) :):):) .

Evie wrote:

nice post!

Marian Cvercko wrote:

Cool Word At End !!!!:DDDDDDDDD

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Wiktoria wrote:

this school is awesome!!! If i'm a parent ill bring my children to st Mary's and I will be a class ten teacher (the best class is class ten)

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Alexa wrote:

I like watching this video again and again i enjoyed the part when she found a big fossil but it was sad when her dad died i want to watch more videos like this thank you Mr Waterworth xx

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Marian wrote:

Thank You For The Video And The One On Youtube:DDDDDDDD

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Evie wrote:

I like the video Mr. Waterworth
Thanks so much for the video

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