Year 3 Class 10 Newsletter 12th March 2018

Date: 10th Mar 2018 @ 8:23pm

Dear Parents,

It's been a great week full of of exciting work and the children have responded so well!

We have been continuing with our learning around Escape from Pompeii and the children have learned the middle part of the story off by heart.  If you like.... start by saying 'One, hot August morning,' and see what the children do.  Can they tell you the story of Tranio?  We will be starting to write our own newspaper reports based around the eruption this week.

The children have enjoyed measuring this week and starting to learn all about perimter.  Can they remember what perimeter is and why it is useful?  You could help at home by asking them to measure the perimeter of certain shapes or objects.  Try it!  We'll continue to learn more this week.

Thank you for continuing to support your children with their times tables.  This week was our most successful yet!  So many of the children broke personal best scores and were so excited!  Please keep pushing them to learn then each day - it really makes a difference!

We enjoyed an afternoon outside finding leaves this week and making notes about their features and why we think they had them.  The children discovered that the leaves are the food factory of the plant.  

The Romans have officially taken over our class and the children have learned so much about them already. We learned about when in history The Romans excited and how they took over most of Europe - we'll spend more time on this over the coming week.

It's Sing Up assembly on Friday and the children are so excited to share their songs with the rest of Year 3 and 4.  Unfortunately due to the building work, we cannot allow parents to attend.  There is no room in the hall for everyone.  We'll be singing Power In Me, but I'm sure you all already knew this as the children never stop singing it!

We learned about The Centurion's Servant this week and how we must have faith in God and trust him to look after us all.  This week we will learn about the children's experiences of mass.

The children had a special visitor this week to complete some art work for our exhibition in the summer term.  The children loved learning all about proportions of the face and then to use a variety of media to draw themselves as a Roman character.

Thank you for keeping up to date with the children's homework.  They wanted to continue the comprehension, so I let them complete one more weeks' worth. This week they will bring home a SPAG (Spelling and Grammar) book for homework as well as their maths work.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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Alexa wrote:

My mom said thank you for doing the blogs.

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annie wrote:

Thank you for the blogs I have a great time with you . You are my best teacher ever

Kuba n wrote:

Annie. actully, what would happen if he wasnt here? try answering that question

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