Year 3 Class 10 Newsletter 14th May 2018

Date: 13th May 2018 @ 8:08am

Dear Parents,

What a short week we had last week with the bank holiday and our visit to Chester.  It's not long now till half term and our last half term together.

The children were amazing in Chester on Friday.  I was so proud and heard some lovely comments from the public about how they behaved and their attitude to learning - they were so keen to learn!  Overall the children had a stunning time learning from a Roman soldier, seeing stunning scenes from the Roman era and even seeing original Roman ruins that were being excavated.  I'll upload the pictures as soon as I can.

During English this week we learned how to make notes ready to write our own reports on hedgehogs.  The children really impressed me with their attention to detail with these notes and we're looking forward to writing our own report using these notes this week.  We'll also be writing a short recount of our visit to Chester.

The children have been enjoying coding again this week using Have a go yourself and see how far you can get.  Please watch this video to find out why it is important that we inspire kids to code:

During Maths the children learned about time and how important it is to be able to tell the time.  We looked at analogue and digital clocks and we'll be learning even more this week too.  Help your child at home by teaching them how to tell the time - what time is lunch? What time is bedtime?  What time is it now?

Our topic work this week focussed on human and physical aspects of Chester.  We'll complete this work this week after visiting Chester as it will really help us imagine these features.  

During RE we learned all about the ascension of Jesus and how his followers spread the word of Jesus.  The children talked about 'seeing is believing' and what this means to them - do you really need to see something for it to be real?

We continue our music lessons this week and the children are still excited about learning the guitar. They have so many songs now in their repertoire!

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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