Year 3 Class 10 Newsletter 19th March 2018

Date: 18th Mar 2018 @ 7:59am

Dear Parents,

We LOVED sharing our songs for Sing Up Day on Friday.  The children were so proud of their voices and everyone was very impressed with their professionalism.

We worked hard and learned about perimeter this week.  The children measure accuratley and calculated well to solve various maths problems.  We will be moving onto fractions this week.  Again, if you can sepend time talking about the importance of fractions and where we see them in the world it will really help your child.

During English we wrote the opening few paragraphs to our newspaper report about the eruption at Pompeii.  The children have really took onboard the ideas of how to write a report and used some superb language to help the reader imagine what has happened.  This week we'll complete the publishing and use the computer suite to write it all up.

During RE we looked at some of the important parts that take place during Mass and how the children feel during this important time.  There were some great discussions around how God is with us during Mass and how the children can show their love for Him.

Mrs Cotterill came into school on Wednesday to complete the first part of our art project.  The children are so excited to share these with you.  I'll send you the dates of our art exhibition when I know the exact arrangements.

During Science this week we looked at the life cycle of plants and created our own in our science books.   The children enjoyed learning about how seeds grow and where various seeds come from.  

This week we will be looking in to the 'Day in a Life' of a Roman.  The children will spend time researching using websites, learn how to make notes and then publish their findings.

Thank you again for your help with times tables.  We had record scores this week and the children were very excited to receive their certificates.  We will be learning a new table this week, so please keep learning them every chance you get.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kind regards,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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Kuba n's mom wrote:

At least it was AMAZING doing roman things with kuba. I wonder if he can bring a photo of it

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