Year 3 Class 10 Newsletter 4th December 2017

Date: 3rd Dec 2017 @ 7:08am

Dear Parent(s)/Carers,

Another gerat week passes us by and the children have worked really hard throughout.  I've been so impressed with their work ethic and they deserve to be praised for it.

We started our week, like we do every day with guided reading. The children are using their reading journals much more now and I've enjoyed sharing some great texts with them each day.  Their comprehension and inference answers are getting better and I'm excited to read with the children each day.

Our computing session this week focussed on using email safely.  The children took an 'email safety quiz' and passed with flying colours.  Please talk to your children about what to do if they are upset by anything they have seen online.  As always the advice is to 'tell' and 'show' whatever it is to someone they trust.  More advice - here

During Maths this week we have been multiplying numbers using a variety of methods and then applying those skills when solving problems.  The children will continue to learn more efficient skills this week when learning how to multiply a two digit number with a one digit number e.g. 13x5=  It's also been fantastic to see how much the children are enjoying using and then posting their best scores and games on here for all to see.  Have a look at the videos attached to this post to see how we are calculating in class - any help at home would be appreciated.

During English this week we have using our drama skills to help us plan out our own flashback from Stone Age Boy.  We will complete a story map of the flashback this week and then start to write our own version of the story.  The children were fantastic when using freezeframes and they produced some engaging scenes to help them write.  I'll try and post some of the writing this week online for you all to see.

We've been singing a lot this week in preparation for our visit to All Saints this Thursday. The children have been learning three songs this week and are excited to go and perform them.  I've attached the songs to this blog post, so you can practise with them at home if you like.

I've been very impressed with the sketching this week.  I asked the children to only use shading and to experiement with their pencil when sketching a flower independently.  Have a look at the pictures attatched.  I'm sure you'll agree we have some talented artists in our class.

During our RE sessions this week we have focussed on 'The Incarnation' - Truly human or truly God?  The children discussed whether the actions Jesus took in his life were either truly human or truly God.  This led to some excellent deep discussion around miracles and if we see any in our lives everyday.

It's the first week of advent this week and I've asked the childen to pray for patience.  The celebration of the birth of Jesus is coming and we need to patient with each other over this exciting time.  We have an advent calendar in our classroom that will form a short discussion each day.

This week we have been invited to watch a french version of 'Cinderella' - I'm really looking forward to this one and I'm sure with all their french lessons the children will understand plenty of the performance.  This is on Tuesday morning for us.  

I'm sorry to report that our class assembly has been moved to after Christmas due to a mass taking place in the hall on Friday morning.  I'll let you know the new date as soon as I do.  In the meantime keep reading our blog posts to find out what we've been up to each week.

Please make sure the children are reading all the way up to the end of term and learning those multiplication tables.  These skills are essential to each and every child.  Thank you for helping with homework this week - it is always a pleasure to see how much effort has gone into those books.  Keep writing comments in the books to help me understand if your child found the tasks a challenge.

As always, if you have any issues, please get in touch as soon as possible and I'll always help.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Chris Waterworth


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Annie wrote:

Thank you for teaching me math guitar and singing. Thank you for making all of the beautiful stuff on this website

Mr W wrote:

I'm so pleased you love the guitar Annie. It was great to hear the whole class play for the parents too.

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Marian Cvercko wrote:

thx for the music!!!!!

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Marian Cvercko wrote:

and i love the song born is the king!!!:D

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