Year 3 Class 10 Newsletter 7th May 2018

Date: 6th May 2018 @ 7:50am

Dear Parents,

Another week passes by and I'm back fighting fit.  I really don't like being away from the classroom!  It was lovely to see the children again on Wednesday and it was great to see that they'd been so helpful to the teachers who were in my place.

During English we wrote our own versions of Max's journey through the park and the children were challenged to use so many new skills.  They now know how to use Superlatives, Fronted Adverbials, Rhetorical Questions and are beginning to understand how effective relative clauses can be!  I was very impressed.  This week we start our work on non-chronological reports.  The children will be learning how to write a report on hedgehogs.  They'll need to research, plan and create their own diagrams.

During maths we learned about mass and how to read scales and covert from grams to kilograms.  The children will be learning about time this week.  They'll look at both analogue and digital times and learn how to convert between the two.

The children really enjoyed their swimming lessons this week and it was great to see so many of the children making good progress during the sessions.  Please make sure your child has a full kit each week.  

We completed our art project with Mrs Cotterill this week and the children are so very proud of the results.  All will be revealed during the school art gallery later this year - stay tuned!

During Science we completed our Science assessment and I was pleased with how much the children had remembered about plants and how they grow.  We're moving on this week to looking at forces and motion.  

Our RE this week focusses on Ascension and how the disciples felt when they realised that Jesus was alive and with them wherever they are.  

Thank you for continuing to complete the children's maths and SPAG homework with them - we're getting some great results.  Can I please ask that you encourage the children to practise their spellings.  We've had dip in scores recently and we mustn't let that continue.  It is vital that the children continue to practise these words.

We are visiting Chester this week!  The children are very excited and ready to learn from the museum and walk and talk with a Roman soldier.  Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing for the day - please check the forecast on Friday morning.  If you haven't sent in the permission slip and form C, please do so before we leave.  

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kind regards,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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kuba n wrote:

its going to be in chester on friday 13 degrees.And its going to rain so you better get a coat

Urszula wrote:

IT wont rain And IT will not be 13degrees

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