Year 3 Class 11 Newsletter 10th December 2018

Date: 9th Dec 2018 @ 8:20pm

Dear Parents,

Two weeks to go!  How did that happen?  And what a busy two weeks we've got!

The children really enjoyed learning all about The Shepherds in the Christmas story and produced some beautiful artwork when thinking about their reaction to the message they were given.  As we get closer to Christmas we will be learning the full story and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

During mathematics the children solved some very challenging problems and really showed some superb resilience and determination.  I'm very pleased with how the children are calculating at the moment and I know they've been doing some work with you at home; so thank you.  We move on to multiplication and division next week - something I know the children will enjoy.

Speaking of multiplication.... Times Tables Rock Stars is a hit!  The children have spent time learning and getting more and more fluent this week.  Their speeds are improving daily and it is going to help them so much in the coming weeks.  Please, please, please get them set up and logged in.  We are currently in a 'battle of the bands' with Class 10 and we're looking to take on a year 4 class next week!  If you have any difficulty setting the app up, please come and see me.

We finally finished our Stone Age Boy story this week and the children have written so much!  They're very proud of their efforts and their stories.  This week we will move onto letter writing.  The children will be writing a letter to Om and finding out what she's been up to recently.  

In Science this week the children have enjoyed testing magnets.  They have been experimenting and organising their thinking into Venn diagrams.  Do all objects have magnetic materials in them?  Are ALL metals magnetic?

During Computing this week the children learned how to spot a SPAM email and what to do if they receive one.  E-Safety is very important in our digital world and it's worth talking to your children about what to do if something happens to them online.  There is advice on our website too.  If you have a concern and would like some advice, please come and speak to me.  

We start full rehearsal of our Advent Liturgy this week and some children have got lines to learn already.  We perform to you on Tuesday 18th at 9.15am.  Please come along and share with us and bring your singing voices too.

Speaking of performances, we hope you can join us at 9.15am on Monday to hear our guitar concert.  The children have worked so hard this term and have done so well to learn so many new songs.  

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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Andrea Cross wrote:

Wow, you all are certainly keeping busy! I really enjoyed the guitar performance and it was amazing to see how much they have covered while working in such a large group.

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