Year 3 Class 11 Newsletter 1st October 2018

Date: 30th Sep 2018 @ 7:30am

Dear Parents,

We've had another great week in Class 11 and I've loved the effort the children have put in this week.

During RE this week we discussed The Sacrament Baptism and looked at some of the special objects that are used.  The children talked about their own Baptisms and what it meant to them and their families.  It was lovely to hear how the children spoke about their parents and friends.

When I got back into school on Monday I'd spent time marking the children's writing about Mrs Coles' dungeon!  I was really excited to show the children my thoughts and give out three, yes three, blue cards!  The children had written a scary description and tried hard to use expanded noun phrases, a variety of sentence openers and some children even knew how to use ellipses and rhetorical questions! Wow! 

This week we move away from narrative writing and learn all about report writing.  This is an essential skill to help children see the difference between fact and fiction.  We'll be studying Volcanoes and writing our own non-chronological book based on our own research!  The children will learn how to research and make notes and use suitable language to write.

The children found the maths challenging this week, but enjoyed every part of the challenge.  We were adding and subtracting 10 and 100 to 3 digit numbers mentally and starting to learn about exchanging using practical materials. We'll be learning more about this this week too.  Thank you for helping the children learn their times tables too.  I've already noticed a difference when we're recited them in class - please keep it up!

During Computing the children were learning how to 'hack.'  Don't worry we didn't try to take down our school website!  We used Scratch, a free programming language for children to learn the basics of coding.  It's completely free and well worth a look as it develops good problem solving and reasoning skills too.  We looked at the classic game 'Pong' and learned that just by changing small snippets of code we could change the way the game played.  The children loved it and by the end were starting to learn how to add in new sprites and backgrounds. There are a few pictures of their work below.

During Art this week the children looked at the artist Hokusai.  I asked them to answer simple questions about each painting and then try to reproduce one of the paintings themselves.  We sketched, used water colours, added pastels, and even ink to bring them to life.  There are a few examples in the images below.

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to the MacMillan Coffee Morning on Friday. Unfortunately I couldn't attend, but I heard it was a real success and we raised plenty of money for a very worthy cause.  Thank you again for supporting our wonderful school - you're all fantastic!

This week we will be learning all about Growth Mindset when Mrs Wright leads us in an assembly on Thursday.  The children will learn that it is ok to find something challenging and to push themselves to see this as a good thing! How can we solve this problem?  I'm learning when I'm challenged!

Thank you again for your efforts in making sure the children get their homework in on time and their spellings learned. 

If you have any questions, please come and ask.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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Andrea Cross wrote:

Lots of very different interests to follow this week. It is great to have the details that allow us to talk more about their day and what they are doing - sometimes smiling and nodding works until you get the grown up version/reference points... :) Hope there was still some cake leftover over for you on your return!

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