Year 3 Class 11 Newsletter 24th September 2018

Date: 23rd Sep 2018 @ 7:31am

Dear Parents,

Things are really settled in Class 11 now and the children are working hard to get the best results possible - I'm so proud of them.

We had some stunning writing workshops this week where the children wrote their own versions of Mrs Cole's Dungeon.  There were some scary moments down there, but I'm happy to report that everyone got out - phew!  The children learned the importance of writing descriptivly and making sure their readers could picture everything that was going on.  This week we're going to publish our writing and then write a short story.  We then move onto report writing about Volcanoes.

During Maths the children were starting to use number lines and spotting patterns.  We used place value counters, part whole models and base ten material to build numbers to 1000.  I was very impressed with the children's ability to work as a team and explain their thinking.  This week we will start to add 100s to numbers and put them on a number line.

We spent some time learning all about The Sacrament of Baptism this week and the children discussed why it feels special to part of a church family.  This week we will look more carefully Baptism and the children will identify some of the special features of the sacrament.

During topic this week the children identified different types of rocks and where they came from.  This week we will be going on a rock hunt around school and trying to find different types fo rocks and what they have been used for in our everyday lives.  I'm not sure what we'd do without rocks?

We had Mrs Cotterill in school this week to help with our Hokusai art work.  The children loved experimenting with stick and ink which will help them build up to creating a painting using mixed media based on Hokusai paintings.  It's a pleasure to have Mrs Cotterill in school and I know the children will be learning so much from her over the coming weeks.

We spent time on our Golden Mile track this week and I was impressed with the children's hard work on the track - it's good to run!  We talked about why it's important to challenge our bodies as well as our minds.

On Friday it was International Peace Day and the children had a special assembly from Mrs Wright to explore what the day means for everyone.  In class we discussed how we can make the world more peaceful by starting at home.  The children wrote their own pledges and you may have even found a few children trying to make a difference at home.

Thank you for helping the children with their homework this week.  They have already received this week's homework and it is due in on Wednesday - we had everyone's books in this week!  I was very impressed!  Can we keep it up this week?  

Again, thank you for helping the children with their spellings this week.  We had some super scores, but there were a handful of children who hadn't learned them at all - this was very disapointing as spelling is such a vital skill.  Please, please, please can you remind your children to learn them each week before our test on Friday?

There were so many excited children receiving times tables certificates this week!  Clearly they've all been learning their tables at home.  Please keep using and Hit The Button to learn those tables.  

Finally, we have our MacMillan coffee morning on Friday at 9.00am.  If you'd like to share a cake and juice with your child on Friday, please join us.  You are then invited to go to the KS1 hall to buy cakes and enjoy a coffee whilst the children stay in class.  The children are invited to come in non-uniform on Thursday 27th and to bring a cake into school for the privilege.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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Andrea Cross wrote:

Wow, a very busy week with a lot of different things covered, but always in a fun way it seems... :) V was very pleased that you recognised her "Nanu, Nanu" reference. She is now back to reading out loud at home as she wants to imitate your reading style in class and get even more expressive...

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