Year 3 Class 11 Newsletter 8th October 2018

Date: 5th Oct 2018 @ 11:22am

Dear Parents,

It's been another super week in Class 11 and the children have enjoyed their learning.  I'm so impressed at how well they have settled into Year 3.

During RE this week we learned more about Baptism and the children enjoyed sharing a video about a baby being baptised - it was quite emotional.  We then discussed Baptismal Prayers and the children spent time writing their own versions.  They're just lovely.

In Maths this week the children have learned how to count in 50s and place numbers on number lines up to 1000.  We even spent time discussing < > and = when comparing three digit numbers.  Many of the children loved this challenge and working with larger numbers.  Next week we are moving onto developing our Addition and Subtraction skills.  Ask your children about their Plickers cards too!  The children loved using them to answer questions.

We have started to research Volcanoes using the Non-Fiction books in our classroom and the children are learning loads and loads about how Volcanoes are formed.  We even watched a video about Mount Vesuvius and watched as Pompeii was covered with ash and rock.  We'll continue to make our notes and then look at how our books will be structured.  The children will have the opportunity to publish their own books in a few week's time.

We've had fun testing different types of rocks this week for their permeability.  The children had a selection of rocks and put water on them to see if they absorbed any of the water.  The children decided that any rocks that absorbed the water was permeable and any that didn't were impermeable. We'll be learning all about soil this week and the children will be looking at different samples from our school.

Thank you again for helping with homework.  As a class we are making sure it is always in on time and we ask if there are any difficulties.  This goes for spelling too - the children are learning them, but please remember to talk with your children about the words in context.  

During Computing the children enjoyed developing their coding further.  This week the children enjoyed learning about how they can control what happens when two sprites touch.  They also developed their understanding of 'If and Then,' and 'Forever Loops.'  We'll be publishing our own games before we know it!

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Kind regards,

Mr C Waterworth

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