Class 17 Year 5 2019 - 2020

Mrs Barnett

Mrs Barnett

Class 17

Year 5 Home learning materials are now available for you to access from this class page. I have put together files with reading, writing and Maths activities for you to access from home. See the links below. There are also web page links and plenty of other creative ideas to access whilst at home. I will update resources over time.

This term our Science theme will be ‘Does it Really Matter?’– Materials and their Properties. We will look at separating materials in different ways, looking at the best use for certain materials and we will conduct various investigations. We will learn all about fair testing and the importance of changing or keeping variables.

Our outdoor PE lessons this term will be netball where the children will learn ball skills as well as how to work as a team member. Our indoor PE will be Dance.

In Music, we are using the scheme from Charanga to learn the song Mamma Mia. Each week we are building up our skills of rhythm and pulse and we will be adding instruments to the song. We will then perform the song for our Sing Up towards the end of the term.

In Computing the children will learn more about esafety and being safe on line, before then moving on to Game Creator.

In French the topic is called ‘Portraits’. This continues from Spring 1. They will be learning how to describe  a monster through a song. The focus will be on learning colours.

In Art we will be investigating still life paintings. The children will be arranging objects to create a visually interesting composition for a still life painting. They will be gathering ideas to use in a still life composition to create their own still life painting.

For further information, please check our Curriculum Map attached to this page.


Many thanks as always for your continued support.


Mrs Barnett

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