Class 17 Year 5 2019 - 2020

Mrs Landstrom

Mrs Barnett

Class 17


We hope that you had a fantastic and restful half term. During the second half of the autumn term we will be extremely busy especially with the build up to Christmas!


During this half term Class 17 will be learning about descriptive writing and instructional texts in English. We will focus on Fantastic Beasts. Our writing will revolve around developing our vocabulary and broadening our ways of starting sentences.


In maths, we will continue to use Power Maths to drive our learning. We will begin by looking at data and how to interpret it. We will then move on to multiplication and division. The children will learn how to use formal methods as well as further develop their mental methods. Finally we will look at area and perimeter.


As part of our wider curriculum, we will be studying the Science unit of Life Cycles. The children will be describing and comparing the life cycles of mammals, insects and amphibians; describing the life process of reproduction in some living things and describing the changes as humans develop to old age. In computing this half term, the children will learn about coding. The children will be working  with variables, solving problems in writing programs by decomposing them into smaller parts; using selection and repetition in programs and simulating physical systems.


During P.E. they will learn more about orienteering. The children will plan a simple orienteering trial for others to complete; read a wide variety of map symbols and use a compass when following a given route.  They will also plan ideas of how to solve a problem before attempting it. In gymnastics they will perform actions in and out of rolls; lead others in a stretching routine to prepare for gymnastics and perform a range of balances with a high level of control and accuracy.


In Music the children will compose melodic and rhythmic phrases and perform their own compositions from memory.They will reflect on their own composition's dynamics, tempo and timbre. They will begin to explore reasons for composers' tempo choices.


During Art the children will create layers of paint to add detail to background colours. They will create different effects with paint.  As part of Design and Technology work they will learn about what different affects food types have on the body.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 


Mrs Landstrom and Mrs Barnett

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