KIT List - Kingswood Residential YR4


Y4 Residential Trip Kingswood Dearne Valley
Wednesday 1st April–Friday 3rd April 2020

✔️Warm outdoor coat, hat, scarf and gloves
✔️Three pairs of trousers, jeans or warm tracksuit bottoms
✔️Three/ four tops – preferably long sleeved
✔️Two warm jumpers/sweatshirts
✔️Socks and underwear ( at least 6 pairs of socks)
✔️Wellington boots
✔️Two pairs of trainers( one old pair)
✔️One bath towel and one hand towel
✔️Toilet bag; containing toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, hairbrush etc
✔️Water bottle
✔️Purse/wallet (maximum of £5.00)
✔️Bin bag for dirty clothes

Clothing and footwear worn out side will get very dirty. So old clothes are best!

We will try to help children look after their things, but if you could name their clothes this would greatly help.

Please do not bring:
❌Mobile phones
❌Expensive cameras
❌Ipads or electronic games
❌Favourite or expensive clothing


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Main Contact: Mrs L Lee, School Business Manager

Tel: 01270 685174