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Reading is fundamental to the development of children and countless research shows the links between good reading skills from an early age and future success in life. However, finding books children want to read or authors that excite them, can be difficult. When a reader is hooked on a story, his or her reading ability is proven to improve. He reads more fluently – because he wants to read on! We feel the books selected here provide a powerful and unputdownable story, even for the most reluctant reader. Fiction is a really important way of teaching children to interact and empathise with others through experiencing imaginary situations and characters.

Problems with reading are very common. It may help to remember…

• It’s not your fault or your child’s fault that reading is tough

• Do remember that tackling any problem takes time and don’t give up - stay positive and offer lots of encouragement. Remember that ‘I don’t want to do it’ might mean ‘I’m afraid of failing.’

• Don’t be afraid to abandon a book if you really don’t like it.

• If your child finds more than 5 words per page tough, give an easier book a go.

• Enthusiasm is catching – make sure children in your household see adults reading and talking about books, and read aloud to children whenever you can.

• Try making a recording of you reading your child’s book, so he or she can listen to it again when you’re busy.

• Visit libraries and bookshops and browse until you find a book that appeals. Try exploring lots of books by the same author, on the same themes or in the same series.


Kick Description: C:UserssmpchconwayAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5A85WGJZSReadingManiacs[1].gifstart the new school year with a great unputdownable book!

Looking for a great read for your child? When a reader is hooked on a story, his or her reading ability is proven to improve. They read more fluently – because they want to read on! Fiction is a really important way of teaching children to interact and empathise with others through experiencing imaginary situations and characters. The following books are sure to appeal to even the most reluctant 7+ reader!


Description: http://lr-assets.storage.googleapis.com/gardimg/200/9780192744319.jpg‘Isadora Moon Goes to School’ by Harriet Muncaster

- Isadora Moon is an adorable, friendly Vampire Fairy trying to find her way and this is a lovely start to what promises to be a delightful series. Beautifully presented throughout with pink and black illustrations


Description: http://lr-assets.storage.googleapis.com/kids/covers/imported/9781909991163.jpg‘A Dog Called Flow’ by Pippa Goodhart

-Shortlisted for the Smarties Prize and the Kathleen Fidler Award. Oliver is struggling at school, and the other children laugh at him. What he really wants is a dog, a dog to love him loyally and uncritically.


Description: http://lr-assets.storage.googleapis.com/kids/covers/_hires_imported/t_9780141365411.jpg ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ by Roald Dahl

-A classic Roald Dahl title, a most touching story of a boy and his very special father. Danny and his father live in a caravan parked right next to the garage where his father works.


Description: http://lr-assets.storage.googleapis.com/kids/covers/imported/9781408841792.jpg‘ Fortunately, the Milk ...’ by Neil Gaiman 

 Award-winning Neil Gaiman brilliantly weaves a spell-binding story taking readers up and away on a wild fantasy in which dinosaurs and space travel happily coexist.


Description: http://lr-assets.storage.googleapis.com/kids/covers/imported/9781781715611.jpg'Robot's Revenge’ by Clive Gifford

- A thrilling adventure in which you the reader decide the route of the adventure, using your knowledge and learning more from the book about robotics and inventions.


‘EeeDescription: http://lr-assets.storage.googleapis.com/kids/covers/imported/9780956932334.jpgk! The Runaway Alien ’by Karen Inglis

- A boy, an alien and football - without any shadow of doubt it's a match made in heaven for boys in particular and if you have a reluctant reader in the house aged from 6-9yr then you just might get him or her reading as a result of EEEK! Apart from the storyline being a real page-turner it's also laugh-out-loud funny!


The following websites are fantastic ways of discovering new books for your children – www.lovereading4kids.co.uk  and a new Love to Read web site launched by the BBC this year – www.booktrust.org.uk/books/children/love-to-read/

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