For admission to our Nursery, please complete and return the Nursery Enquiry Card (under School Forms, Virtual Office) or contact St Mary’s by email for further information. The admissions process for September 2022 commences after the spring half term break in 2022.

Reception Admissions:

Please see the table below detailing important dates to secure a place in our Reception classes in September 2022:

Online application forms available 1 September 2021
Closing date for applications 15 January 2022
Deadline for giving supporting documentation  15 February 2022
Offers made 19 April 2022
Deadline for accepting or refusing places 3 May 2022
Waiting lists prepared and vacancies allocated after 3 May 2022
Deadline for accepting or refusing a place 10 days from offer
Closing date for appeal applications 18 May 2022
Appeal hearings (on time applications) Heard by 20 July 2022
Appeal hearings (late applications) Within 40 days of appeal closing date where possible or 30 school days of appeal being lodged


In Year Applications:

Please click the link below for further information in respect of an In Year Application to St Mary’s for your child.

In Year Application
School Admissions Policy 2021-22
Nursery Admissions Policy 2021-22
School Admissions Policy 2022-23
Nursery Admissions Policy 2022-23

School Admissions Policy 2023-24
Nursery Admissions Policy 2023-24

Two young students working together and studying their work books.

Two young students sat together on a wooden bench, looking at some purple coloured shapes.