Our Staff

The current staff structure at St Mary’s is as follows:

Head Teacher Mrs Wright
Acting Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Messenger
SENCO Mrs Hemming
School Business Manager Mrs German
Early Years Subject Leader Mrs Moxon
Years 1 and 2 Team Leader Mrs Colgan
Year 3 and 4 Team Leader Miss Broad
Year 5 and 6 Team Leader Mrs Harding

Admin Team

School Business Manager Mrs German
Administration Team Mrs Williams
Administration Team Mrs Needham
Administration Team Miss Ward
Administration Team Mrs Young
SEND Administration Mrs Milburn

Early Years

FS1 – Nursery  Mrs Kerry
FS2 – Class 1  Miss Noyce 
FS2 – Class 2  Mrs Moxon – EYFS Subject Leader
Teaching Assistant Mrs Russell
Teaching Assistant Mrs Dwyer
Teaching Assistant Mrs Foster
Teaching Assistant Mrs Holman
Teaching Assistant Mrs Jachimska
Teaching Assistant Miss Moss
Teaching Assistant Mrs Plecha
Nursery Welfare Assistant Mrs Choudhury
Reception Welfare Assistant Mrs McGuiness
Reception Welfare Assistant Mrs Molly

Teaching Staff

FS1 – Nursery Mrs Kerry
FS2 – Class 1 Miss Noyce
FS2 – Class 2 Mrs Moxon – Team Leader, Mrs Cosby
Year 1 – Class 3 Mrs Crosby / Mrs Parkinson
Year 1 – Class 4 Miss Bond
Year 2 – Class 5 Mrs Colgan
Year 2 – Class 6 Mrs Ireland / Mrs Orr
Year 2 – Class 7 Mrs Steele / Miss Mayers
Year 3 – Class 8 Miss Williams
Year 3 – Class 9 Miss Broad
Year 3 – Class 10 Mrs Bevington
Year 4 – Class 11 Mrs. Perberdy / Mrs Barnett
Year 4 – Class 12 Miss Rainford
Year 4 – Class 13 Miss Bailey
Year 5 – Class 14 Miss Davies
Year 5 – Class 15 Mr Waterworth
Year 5 – Class 16 Mrs Broughton
Year 6 – Class 17 Mrs Harding
Year 6 – Class 18 Mrs Baron
Year 6 – Class 19 Mrs Macpherson

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant Mrs Heeps
Teaching Assistant Mrs Holman
Teaching Assistant Mrs Jachimska
Teaching Assistant Miss Jewkes
Teaching Assistant Mrs Kenny
Teaching Assistant Mrs Law
Teaching Assistant Mrs Meir
Teaching Assistant Mrs Nixon
Teaching Assistant Mrs Nott
Teaching Assistant Mrs Owen
Teaching Assistant Mrs Palin
Teaching Assistant Miss Peberdy
Teaching Assistant Mrs Plecha
Teaching Assistant Mrs Robaszek
Teaching Assistant Mrs Rodgers
Teaching Assistant Mrs Root
Teaching Assistant Mrs Russell
Teaching Assistant Mrs Smith
Teaching Assistant Miss Tansley
Teaching Assistant Mrs Thomas
Teaching Assistant Miss Cheshire
Teaching Assistant Mrs Faulkner
Teaching Assistant Mrs Belmore
Teaching Assistant Mrs Barnes
Teaching Assistant Mrs Heeps
Teaching Assistant Miss Cameron
Teaching Assistant Miss Cooke
Teaching Assistant Miss Sim
Teaching Assistant Mrs Raitskin
Teaching Assistant Miss Foster
Teaching Assistant Mrs Booth
Teaching Assistant Mrs Bull
Teaching Assistant Mrs Anderson
Teaching Assistant Miss Fallon
Teaching Assistant Mrs Reade
Teaching Assistant Mrs Foster
Teaching Assistant Mrs Bartlett
Teaching Assistant Miss Keenan
Teaching Assistant Mr Kenyon
Teaching Assistant Mrs Wynne
High Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Karavia (HLTA)
High Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Hassall (HLTA)
High Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Shaw (HLTA)

Site Team

Assistant Caretaker Mr German
Assistant Caretaker Mr Stewart
Cleaner Miss Glover
Cleaner Mrs Glover
Cleaner Mrs Green
Cleaner Mrs Johnson
Cleaner Mrs Leigh
Cleaner Miss Patrick

Midday Assistants

Senior Midday Assistant Mrs Keenan
Midday Assistant Mrs Ahmed
Midday Assistant Mrs Anderson
Midday Assistant Mrs Bartlett
Midday Assistant Mrs Dwyer
Midday Assistant Miss Faulkner
Midday Assistant Miss Glover
Midday Assistant Mrs Green
Midday Assistant Miss Heeps
Midday Assistant Mrs T Lee
Midday Assistant Miss Lightfoot
Midday Assistant Mrs Milburn
Midday Assistant Mrs Peberdy
Midday Assistant Mrs Rodgers
Midday Assistant Mr Stewart
Midday Assistant Miss Tansley
Midday Assistant Mrs Thomas
Midday Assistant Mrs Molloy
Midday Assistant Mrs Leigh
Midday Assistant Mrs Johnson
Midday Assistant Mrs Wynne
Midday Assistant Mrs McGuisness

SMART – Out of School Childcare 

Club Manager Mrs Keenan
Club Deputy Mrs Murray
Play Worker Mrs Bull
Play Worker Miss Glover
Play Worker Miss Foster
Play Worker Mrs Goddard
Play Worker Mrs Lee
Play Worker Mrs Rodgers
Play Worker Mrs Sandland
Play Worker Mrs Sealey
Play Worker Miss Tansley

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Supervisor Mrs Potocarova
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Fox
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Hughes
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Roberts
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Mawlood

Cleaning Team

Mrs Green
Mrs B Glover
Mrs D Glover
Mrs Leigh
Mrs Patrick
Mrs Johnson