Religious Education – Schedule of Works

The Way The Truth & The Life

At St Mary’s, we follow The Way, the Truth and the Life scheme of work for Religious Education.

This scheme is based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic schools. It contains systematic and rigorous teaching and learning, at least equal to that of other curriculum areas.

The books cover the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church and their implications for the lives of people today, and particularly for the lives of the pupils:

That every human event is marked by the creative activity of God which communicates goodness to all beings;
That the reality and power of sin limit and numb every person; That the life, death and resurrection of Christ, communicated by the Holy Spirit, give believers the hope of a definitive ‘fulfilment’.

Other faiths are addressed as a consequence of, and in the context of, Catholic teaching. Catholic teaching about the action of God in the world requires an informed and respectful approach to other faith. Catholics can learn from the practices of other faiths (e.g. patterns of prayer, fasting, pilgrimages etc.).

The scheme incorporates attainment targets: learning about the Catholic faith (AT1) and learning from the Catholic faith (AT2). These are set out in the form of specific key learning objectives for each module.