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Here on this page, we will keep you updated on all of the plans,ideas and events that we have throughout the academic year. Please read the ‘School Council Update’ document that is attached to this page.

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Throughout the Autumn term, the school councillors have decided that our focus is going to be continuing on from the work of last year’s school council. A very important theme that is current and relevant within our society and wider world – ‘Life with Less Plastic’. As school council, we are whole-heartedly committed to ensuring that we promote better ways to use, reuse and recycle plastic, both inside of school and outside. As discussed in our first school council meeting, we are going to be looking at quotes for new recycling bins to place in both the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. Ensuring that suitable materials are recycled, rather than thrown in our rubbish bins (or on the floor), is a big priority for us. We will be spending time litter picking to minimise rubbish in our school environment, and once the bins have arrived, we will be holding an assembly for each key stage to introduce these. This will ensure that the correct waste is being placed into these bins, and that slowly, our environment will be better looked after, and more importantly – with less plastic! This is something we are extremely passionate about.

We are holding a non-uniform day this half term, all in aid of ‘National Tree Planting Week’. Our theme is ‘Just One Tree’. This will be held throughout the school, and children will be dressing in something green and will donate £1. ‘Just One Tree’ is a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation. They make it simple for everyone to contribute to collective action on the climate crisis. Just £1 plants 1 Tree.

They donate to established reforestation partners who concentrate their planting in areas severely affected by mass deforestation. In doing so, they have the greatest positive effect on combating global warming whilst simultaneously alleviating extreme poverty within impacted communities through training, education and employment. We are eager to see how our contribution will make an impact globally! We, as school council, will be leading assemblies to share more information throughout the school so that everyone will be aware of the importance in why we are doing this, with the Amazon Rainforest fires being in the media so much lately, we hope that everyone will get on board!

We are also hoping to have a visit from Lucinda Hodges (ANSA). She will be providing some assemblies about food waste and composting throughout key stage 2.

We look forward to updating you on all of the above and all of the other things we have planned for the year ahead, very soon! smiley

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