Class 13 Spring 2021

Mrs Barnett & Mrs Clews

Please find below, lots of information that we will need this term.

Everyone needs to connect to our Class Dojo system to enable important and interesting messages to be shared as well as celebrating all the Dojo points being collected for amazing work, good attitude, great manners and stand out moments!

Please remember, all our COVID safety measures are still in place this term and we must continue to follow the guidance.


Moving on from the Anglo-Saxons, we shall be learning all about the Vikings. Why they came, where they came from, what significant events happened during their time and if they really had horns on their helmets.

We will be exploring Van Gogh and his starry nights painting and using this style to produce a collaborative piece of art. Watch out for some amazing pictures of this coming your way!

In DT we will be making a Viking Longboat so at some point we will be asking you to bring in a cereal box. ‘How does one make Viking Longboat from a cereal box?’ I hear you asking. With a lot of patience, mess and glue, that’s how!!


Jesus the Teacher: In this topic we will learn that Jesus was a teacher who came to show us how to live. We will explore Jesus’ early life and learn about his presentation in the Temple. The children will know that Jesus used parables in his teaching and will reflect on the meaning of the Parable of the Sower and Unforgiving Servant. The children will begin to appreciate the relevance of the parables for us today. We will also recognise that Lent is an opportunity for us to change our behaviour and live as Jesus told us.

Physical Education

We will be doing P.E. on Fridays and when COVID restrictions are lifted we will be swimming each Wednesday. P.E kits need to be in school every day so they can be kept in lockers and taken home at the end of the half term. Please ensure your child has a suitable outdoor P.E kit, including some form of trousers (jogging bottoms or leggings) for days when it is cold. They will also require a waterproof coat.

We will be practising football skills: dribbling, passing, shooting and turning.


Just a reminder, that reading tracking is done using Class Dojo. Please send me a message or upload a video or photograph of your child reading at least 3 times per week so that this can be monitored. Let me know which pages they have read so that I am able to talk to them about their reading. One dojo per reading session at home will be given as a reward.

We will be completing a range of reading activities focusing on poetry and non-fiction and completing our class story ‘Varjak Paw’ by S.F Said. We will be completing a range of inference activities to encourage the children to ‘read between the lines’.
Link for ‘Oxford Owl’ – Phonics advice and access to a range of free E-Books. Free to register.


We will share the book “Until I Met Dudley” which will introduce us to explanation texts. After sharing the book “The Kapok Tree” by D. Cherry, we will write some descriptive poetry and write a persuasive letter. Following this, we will move onto writing a warning tale based on a story entitled “The Canal.”


Spelling tests will take place on a Friday, and new spellings will be given out on a Friday for the following week. These will be given to the children in their small blue spelling books. It is really important that these are practiced at home as well as during in-school activities.

Spelling Patterns

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Homophones and near homophones

Nouns- ending in the suffix “ation”

Adding the prefix – sub (meaning “under”

Adding the prefix – super (meaning “above”

Plural possessive

Apostrophes with plural words


Some children will be working from phase 3- 5 phonics

Link for ‘Spelling Shed’:


In maths we will be covering:

  • Problem solving within multiplication and division.
  • Measure – Area
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Money
  • Time

You can find supporting materials for extra activities at home by using the ‘White Rose Maths’ website that follows and supports the Power Maths scheme that we use in school. Please find the link here:

Times tables tests usually take place on Thursday’s. Practising using ‘Times Table Rock stars at home is paramount as Y4 children will be sitting a statutory test at the end of the year due to new government requirements

For a general overview, please take a good look at our Curriculum Map!