Class 4 Year 1 2019 – 2020

Mrs Ireland

Mrs Orr

Welcome back to the Final half of our Summer term!

We hope that you have all had a happy and restful week away from school.

This coming term we will have lots of exciting new work for the children to learn.

Our RE topic is:


The children will know that Jesus showed his great power when he calmed the wind and the waves and know that we can ask Jesus to help us when we are afraid. We will know that Jesus showed his love for sick people and cured a man who was paralysed and know that Jesus has great love for all people who are sick today. We will also know that Jesus responded to the faith of the blind man with compassion and think of ways that we can trust Jesus in situations of need.

Our topic work continues with ‘Changes’ and throughout this half term we will be learning about history, we will be looking at changes within living memory. Learning about how Crewe has changed over time. We will be then finding out about the railways and Bentley and investigate how transport has changed over time.

In English we will be reading ‘Where the wild things are’. We will explore this as part of our Talk for writing unit. We will try to expand our sentences by using ‘and’ and ‘but’ in them. We will check our writing for capital letters and punctuation marks. We will continue to learn to write using the cursive style.

In Maths we will learn about multiplication and division. We will use counting in 2s, 5s or 10s to solve practical problems involving repeated addition. Begin to work out multiplication by finding how many sets of. We will work out simple division problems by finding how many sets in a given number.

The children will continue to have access to a wide range of colour banded books which they can choose and change within the classroom. The children will read at least once each week with a teacher as part of a guided read. During this time we will practise key skills to help develop fluency and a note will be made in their diary. It is aboslutely essential that the children read each day at home for a few minutes. This is the time that they can practise the skills they have been taught. Please make sure that your child is reading every day and that any reading completed at home is recorded in their reading diaries.

Homework will be given out in Homework books on a Friday. Please return to school on Monday.

Our updated curriculum map is available on the website, which will give further information on all of the above.

Many thanks in anticipation of all your support and hard work.

Mrs Ireland Mrs Orr Mrs Belmore

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