School Uniform

At St Mary’s we believe that our uniform encourages a sense of pride in appearance and a feeling of belonging to the school family. This assists in developing high standards in other aspects of school life. All children are expected to wear uniform and the rules concerning uniform are very clear and continually enforced.

Details of the uniform are listed below and are available from

Please note that only a limited stock of uniform is available from the school office.

Picture below of the uniform and downloadable PDF of Boy’s and Girl’s uniform requirements

In general terms, jewellery is not allowed at any time except for a wrist watch. The only other exception is where a child already has pierced ears, then one pair only of small plain studs in the ear lobe are acceptable but not encouraged. The school will not be held responsible for any injury or loss caused as a result of wearing them. Staff may ask that plasters are provided to cover pierced ears during PE.

Parents / Carers are asked to note that neither the Local Authority nor Governors accept liability for loss of or damage to personal property whilst on or left at the school or school site.

For reasons of Health & Safety, children should not wear any jewellery to school. If Parents / Carers are unwilling to support this advice, a letter or disclaimer must be completed and given to the Head Teacher.

General Appearance

  • It is expected that hair cuts will be conventional and children are presented in a smart way.
  • Nail varnish or make-up is not permitted.
  • Skirts & Culottes are to be of a reasonable length (i.e. knee length).
  • Shorts are not to be worn by girls.

We have introduced a NEW clip-on Tie which will be replacing our elasticated tie stock from September 2020.

These can be purchased from our uniform shop –

We feel these will be a welcome addition to our school uniform

Please ensure that uniform is clearly identifiable with your child’s name.


Please visit the following website for easy to use labels.

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